Sharing online database

A group of logistics companies has chosen to use accounting service.

Clients own Hansa book-keeping database is hosted by accounting company. Managers and logistics of the company as well as book-keepers from accounting company have online access to accounting data. Logistics daily tasks include raising sales invoices to clients. Purchase invoices, bank transactions and other transactions are entered by accounting company. According to agreement documents are forwarded, purchase and sales ledger updated 2 times a week.

Managers of the company have 24/7 access to up-to-date management raports, thats structure has been adapted exactly to company needs.

Integration with Erply

A wholesale company is using accounting service, where Erply software is used for POS and stock.

Since Erply is ment only for organizing stock and POS and not for entire accounting of the company, a separate client-hosted Hansa program is used for financial accounting. Once a month sales and stock transactions are exported from Erply to Hansa to prevent vast manual double data entering.

In accounting company, there is not much work at all with a trading company with relatively high sales activities.

Fresh sales and purchase ledger every day

A company engaged in equipment rental is using accounting service. It is crucial for the client to have constant overwiev of receivables and payables.

Clients own ERP solution is hosted by accounting company. Using electronical means (cloud service), documents are forwarded to accounting company constantly. According to agreement, all balances of invoices receivable and invoices payable have been refreshed at 10:00 at the morning of each workingday. Payments are prepared in the internet bank  once a week by accounting company for accepting by client.

Because several people deale with one client in accounting company, the sales and purchase ledgers are updated every morning even if one book-keeper is sick or having a holiday.

To whom?

  • Private persons
  • Companies
  • Investors