October 16, 2012 meelis Blog: turn your skills into money!

Setting up and running a private limited company in Estonia is today easier than ever before. In virtually every sphere of business there are a number of people who have chosen to quit the employment and start to offer their services as entrepreneurs.

There are some good reasons for that. First, by doing the same job as an entrepreneur it is possible to earn more. Second, being a self-employed person gives you freedom – opportunity to control your time and workload and choose more pleasant tasks to perform. Setting up a company may be a solution to unite work life and private life in case it is not possible to attend work from nine to five, to charge worthy fee for your unique skills, or why not – invest money for retirement?

Setting up a small private limited company is affordable for everyone. In Estonia, the state fee for registering a company is € 185,34. Even if the activities of the company will be small in scale, it is very likely that costs of setting up and administering it are still substantially smaller than all monetary and non-monetary benefits of being entrepreneur!

Lumi ja Mitt Ltd is accounting partner for more than 100 entrepreneurs by offering reliable assistance and support in setting up, administering, and in case it is required also in liquidation or reorganizing of their businesses.

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