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In Your inquiry, please provide details about the nature of your business, predicted volume of the work (i.e. number of documents and employees, specific requirements) and preferences about software.

About the company

Lumi ja Mitt Ltd started its activities in the field of accounting in 1999. The company has grown up concurrently with the development of Estonian tax system and modern business environment. We share with you 14 years of experience in setting up and running daily accounting for a wide range of companies.

Our mission is to keep financial matters of your company in excellent condition in order to increase its value, promote entrepreneurship as lifestyle and raise the reputation of entrepreneurs in the society.

Head of accounting services department in Lumi ja Mitt Ltd is Mr. Meelis Mitt.

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  • Companies
  • NGO-s
  • SPV-s and investment portfolios
  • Private entrepreneurs
  • Permanent establishments